6477241007 USA Unknown Phone Number State 647-724-1007, Unknown City, Unknown county


  • 2015-05-18 17:18:08
  • Lydia

Account recovery incorporation thesis of Slimeys phoned every day sometimes me for three years. It is always a recorded message and represents such criminal harassment. It is occasionally 647 724 1007 but mostly 877 582 4840.when 877 number that it shows just how out of area on the display of your phone call so your call blocking feature look do not use. They can speak and call this number with a mucus not divert my calls a fairer to me answer on an answering machine. Recently I called them and plan sales traceable to elsewhere fornication and inform them you never called. The 877 number is free of charge and most payphones allows you have for each call to the call without CoinsThey make them even though they recorded message to redirect you to an answering MachineThe instruct me holds their 877 number so everytime I get this message I their toll fee to pay. Maybe we all should get your toll free number in the habit of calling. I inform them elsewhere 4 times adultery then State not always call me fornication elsewhere again and then replace it. I take these calls so that they can never claim that they were confused about my request that they stop their harassing calls. If enough of us to record these calls it may be possible to bring a class action suite and to obtain injunctions and restraining orders. Thinking about the establishment of a Web site to deal with this slime.


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